The difference between «Good» and «Wow!»

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet a Spanish entrepreneur who gave me a fantastic advice: “‘Good’ is like ‘ok’, ‘nice’, but it’s not enough: You always need to work harder to get a ‘Wow!’”. He illustrated that sentence using two websites. “The A site (a social network) is Good. Facebook is Wow”.

Since that day the Moodyo Team “re-thinks” and shares -in a “safe environment”- every idea until we feel that the “Wow!” has arrived. I don’t mean that we haven’t worked in the right direction in the last months. We’ve always been so passionate about our project, we’ve spend hundreds of hours designing, developing, spreading the word about our startup and, of course, testing it. But now we’re heading to a new stage: “If there’s no ‘Wow!’, there’s no next step”. Easy, right?

How to detect a genuine “Wow!”?

Now that I’ve tell you about our “secret”, I’d like to add a few details that may help you in your way to get the “Wow!”. In my own experience, the “Wow!” cannot be detected by an individual. That’s impossible. You can’t be sure if that thing in front of your eyes is an “universal Wow!”.

Ok, this is a new concept. A “Wow!” is perfect for your family or your closest peers but, if you are working to succeed in a global market you need an “Universal Wow!”. Let’s call this the “uWow!”.

Why am I ditching the “individual ‘Wow!’ detection” or the opinion from your family members? Easy: You’re “the best” for your grandma, your wife, parents, brothers… You’re a “Walking Wow” for them. Their opinion comes directly from their hearts and, sadly, it’s not useful for that global project that you have in your mind.

So, to succeed you should do the following:

1) Hide what you’re going to show. Suggestion: open and toggle full screen that lovely beach picture that you have in the “Last summer pictures” folder in the Desktop of your computer.

2) Call to ALL the members of your team and locate them around the screen.

3) Put the cursor over the button that shows the item you want to show and…DON’T CLICK YET!

4) Look at their faces. And now click on the button keeping an eye on their reaction.

If you’re looking to the screen they’d have the chance to look themselves in a millisecond and change their original opinion. Look at their eyes. Their reaction right after watching your screen will give you the real average score that you’ve reached with your work.

Again, this is not the final stage. After the “Wow!” from your partners, you need the approval of outside people that we’ll call: «The World»: 20-30 people who aren’t friends, relatives or partners. The World won’t have any revenue or benefit from your idea. Instead of that, they would have to spend money using your idea (i.e: an online shop…). So, if they say: “Wow!”, you’re almost ready to go.

What about the final stage? The Investors. Ok, this might look like the ugly monster at the end of that amazing video game. Regardless how hard it might be, you need to convince them and make them say “WOW!”.

If you succeed with all the steps from above it’s very likely that you have a “Wonderful idea”. Now you only need to be in the right time at the right place.