Is Google+ designed to be the 3-in-1 network?

I’ve been tuning my Google+ account to fulfil my needs. And I’ve seen that my circles are not balanced. Most of my contacts are wrapped in the “Acquaintances” circle.

So I’ve come to my first conclusion: In this first stage I’m using Google+ as a Linkedin-like network but without CVs and all that stuff.

What if I would have filled my “Following” circle? Would that be a sign that I’m using Google+ with a Twitter-like philosophy? Maybe.

And What if I…? Yes! I would be using Google+ like I already use Facebook. Nice!

In my opinion Google has tried to build a 3-in-1 social network. You can browse and share what you like, with the group of people you like just toggling to your preferred “Stream” (the Wall) by clicking in the left column filter. Amazing, right? Maybe.

There’s a little problem with that approach. Despite of the fact that our Facebook account works in most of the social sites we visit every day (ok, not in Twitter), giving us the chance to toggle between networks with a pair of clicks, do we want to have our boss, our father, our favorite singer, our wife and our friends in the same network, even in different “streams”?

Because they’re separate… but they’re together at the same time. You can decide not to click on the “Partners at work” circle -that includes your boss’ account, of course- in the weekend. But the true fact is that you have the chance to do it. And it’s not funny mixing the funny story of your friend at the beach with the annoying story of your partner that hates your boss. Both stories are just one click away from each other. In other words, Google+ can turn into one of those flats with very thin walls that gives you the “chance” to hear the reason why your neighbour is angry with his girlfriend…

Let’s see what happens in the next weeks. And yes, this is my first post and I was supposed to write about because I’m the “CEO” (something that sounds “bigger” of what really means at this point). Well, feel free to visit our new network. There’s one thing for sure: in our social site you won’t have to drag&drop your boss to any circle. Just reject his friendship request and enjoy building your gift lists.